About Hemp

“Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) is one of the┬ámost intriguing plants humans have come into continued contact with since and before the advent of agriculture. For thousands of years, right up until the 1900’s, hemp was of critical value because it is a rapidly renewable resource that is capable of being grown all over the earth in varying climates and soil conditions. It is grown for textiles and fabrics, fuel, fiber, food, paper, medicine, and more, making hemp one of the most valuable and beneficial crops humanity has been wise enough to take full advantage of…until now.

Although hemp sails brought Columbus to this country and although hemp cloth was used to make the first American flag, hemp has been illegal for American farmers to grow and profit from for the last 70 years. In the past 7o years we have seen our forests destroyed for paper, our soil and water contaminated with chemicals, our air polluted with carcinogens, and we have burned enough fossil fuels to cause global warming. Instead of using a healthy alternative to avoid this toxication of our environment and thus our own bodies, we have actually spent hundreds of billions of dollars trying to eradicate a plant from the face of the earth.”

Indica vs. Sativa

“Indicas originally come from the hash producing countries of the world like Afghanistan, Morocco, and Tibet. They are short dense plants, with broad leaves and often grow a darker green. After flowering starts they will be mature in 6 to 8 weeks. The buds will be thick and dense, with flavors and aromas ranging from pungent skunk to sweet and fruity. The smoke from an Indica is generally a body type effect, relaxing and laid back.

Sativas are tall, thin plants, with much narrower leaves and grow a lighter green in color. They grow very quickly and can reach heights of 20 ft. in a single season. They originally come from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Southeast Asia. Once flowering has begun, they can take anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks to fully mature. Flavors range from earthy to sweet and fruity.”