Shatter (BHO)

Butane hash oil has become extremely popular amongst connoisseurs in the last few years. During the processing phase the hash can be made into either shatter or budder. “Shatter is smooth, clear and solid. It is the purest and most potent form because it involves a second extraction process that removes fats, lipids and waxes. This can result in over 80% THC. However, it also means that terpenes are lost in the process.” (


Wax/Budder (BHO or PHO)

“Budder retains more of the terpenes so it tends to be more flavorful but less potent—with THC percentages in the 70’s. It has a creamy consistency from being whipped.” ( While wax tends to have more flavor and aroma, shatter is ultimately the most popular form of BHO due to its potency. Propane hash oil is made similarly but with propane gas used during the extraction process instead of butane.


Ice Water Extract

Ice Water Extract is made via an organic extraction method. This process utilizes ice and water to separate the Trichome head via the cold temperature and agitation. From this, the resin gland heads are collected using several different micron mesh bags; hence the different types of hash offered (120m, 90m, 73m, 45m). The more mature resin will be collected in the higher micron bags. The greater or lower the micron does not necessarily mean the quality of the product is better or worse from the other. All microns will have slight differences in smell, color, terpene profile, and individual medicinal properties. Though our preferred way of referring to our product is Ice Water Extract or IWE there are many names that are currently used in the cannabis community which include Bubble Hash, Water Hash, Solventless, IceWax and Fullmelt. (Information courtesy of Trichome Heavy Extracts)