Lush this Week 12-8

The Holidays have arrived! It’s hard to believe December is already here and 2016 is just around the corner. With all the shopping you’ll be doing this month, it’s more important than ever to take advantage of our Weedmaps daily deals!

This week at Lush we will be running our $20/g wax deal for wax Wednesday. We have both PHO and BHO waxes in various flavors, including a strain specific Sour Diesel PHO wax that is delicious. PHO wax is processed with propane instead of butane. The look and consistency is slightly different but very good and worth trying if you enjoy wax.

You can catch our flower specials this week on Thursday and Saturday and we have some beautiful buds in stock. On the Indica side we have The White, Grape Ape, Alegria, Larry OG, and Purple OG. We also have a great selection of Gorilla Glue, a new favorite amongst patients and the Lush staff. While it definitely measures high in strength, Glue is a strain you could smoke almost any time of day. That’s also part of what makes it so great. It’s one of those amazing, universal hybrids that makes you feel like you don’t need any other strain. Your palette will not get bored with Gorilla Glue.

On the Sativa side we also have a nice lineup. This week we have Blue Dream, Chem Valley Kush, Grandma Cindy, ISS, Sour Diesel, and my new favorite White Tang Haze. We have been growing White Tang Haze for a few months now and have been very pleased with it. The tangerine flavor is sharp and delicious. It also stands out because of its appearance, its vibrant red/orange hairs top buds completely covered in trichomes.

Another, even newer, strain at Lush is the Dark Shadow Haze. After just a couple harvests the high, look and flavor are very impressive. Purple hued  Sativa buds are hard to find but the Dark Shadow Haze definitely mimics its parent Grape Ape in smell and appearance. So for those Sativa heads out there that never get to enjoy the deliciousness of Grape Ape for fear of getting too tired, the Dark Shadow Haze has arrived.

Our best shatter deal this week will be on Friday. We will be selling all of our shatter for $25/g and we have a beautiful selection. Also on Friday 12/11 from 2-5pm our friend John Morgan from Craft will be coming by to hand out free merchandise and talk to patients about anything Craft related. He will also be giving sample 1/4 grams of some PHO wax to the first 30 customers that make a Craft purchase. We use Craft primarily for our BHO and PHO processing and are always happy with their products as well as their customer service. These guys are definitely doing some of the best work in the industry.

The shatter is looking beautiful right now. We have been working to improve the quality of our shatter and with the most recent batch, we succeeded. The color is golden and light on all the flavors, the best probably being the Larry OG Glue. There is also a strain specific Grape Ape which is great for night time and the White Tang Valley is a delicious daytime flavor. So definitely stop by Friday to meet John and check out the shatter deals.

In the next week we are expecting two brand new edibles which is always an exciting event. Our friends at Sweet Grass are making mini pecan pies for the first time. They will contain 75mg and based on their other seasonal pies, the pecan pies are expected to be delicious. Incredibles are also releasing their new Winter Mint bar as well as re-releasing the Firecracker bar currently being called the 2016 bar. Incredibles never fails to impress us with their amazing, innovative candy bars.

Coming up in the next week we are expecting our first live resin drop from Viola extracts. Check in with us next week on prices and flavors. Also next week we are expecting a large, much anticipated full melt drop from Trichome Heavy Extracts. Ice Wax (aka full melt), is a great alternative for dabbers who are trying to avoid products made with butane. You can find a more thorough description under our Concentrates tab.

Thanks Lush shoppers! Have a great week and check in next Wednesday to find out our specials and strains in stock. Until then, find peace, don’t let the holiday chaos pull you from your center.

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