Lush this Week : Quality Counts

Happy New Year friends! For the month of January we are running 3 great hash specials. Shatter is $25/g, wax for $20/g and $45/g for live resin. Hurry only 10 days left! The selection is impressive.

We are carrying live resin shatter from TC Labs as well as live resin wax from Viola. All live resins are made with fresh frozen flowers. So the clarity and flavor are top notch. We also have beautiful shatter from Terpex, Craft, Extracts Inc., and we are now carrying Colorado’s Best Dabs (CBD). We have PHO wax from Craft and BHO wax from CBD.

Our first drop from CBD was impressive. The OG Gorilla Cheese wax is very aromatic and flavorful. The Grape Cindy shatter is golden in color and gives hints of both the Grape Ape and Grandma Cindy flavors. Both are definitely worth trying.

Throughout this week we are running a mix of concentrate and flower specials on Weed Maps. Lush has a huge selection of flowers on the shelves right now. Not only is there a wide variety of strains but each one appears to be at its best! Beautiful nugs, covered in crystals, full of flavor, gazing in the glass jars can be enigmatic these days.

LA Kush and Deadhead OG, 2 favorites among patients, are looking and smelling more beautiful than ever. We are also happy to have Bleu Cheese back after a long hiatus, this nice bed time indica kills it in flavor and appearance. On the sativa side we are fully stocked with long time favorites Sour Diesel and ISS which never disappoint.

Of course, all too often these days in Colorado quality is hard to find. Large scale grow operations tend to value quantity over quality. This is the antithesis of Lush. We are about quality on every level. Part of good customer service is honesty and integrity. We don’t want our customers to buy anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves. If something isn’t up to our standards we don’t sell it.

Our customers can find comfort in knowing they can trust us to deliver some of the best quality concentrates and flowers in the state. And they trust that we will always tell them the truth about what we are selling. We care about people and we care about cannabis! We are happy to be coming up on our 6th anniversary and after 6 years, our values are unchanging despite the dynamic growth and plethora of changes that continue to occur in this industry.

Continue to enjoy the winter friends and each day as they get longer and lighter!

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