Lush this Week: Heating Up

Come take advantage of our specials the rest of June, only 7 days left. Stay posted for our July specials at the beginning of the month. We still have a great selection of shatter from Nomad extracts and are expecting a big drop from our friends at Craft on Wednesday. There will be a strain specific Chocolope PHO wax and Larry OG White Cheese mix that should be delicious.

We have a fresh drop of ice wax/water hash today from a new company CSC. They included a beautiful rosin budder that looks as good as a PHO wax, which is impressive. The full melt and budder are all the same flavor, Grandma’s Fabuloso, a mix of Grandma Cindy and Fabuloso. We have grown the strain Fabuloso before but decided to bring it back in the garden specifically for concentrates and especially for full melt. It is a heavy indica with a very detectable fruity flavor that really stands out in concentrate form. As mentioned before the staff at CSC were formerly Trichome Heavy Extracts.

It came to my attention recently that perhaps people are relying solely on smoking flower as a means to deal with things like insomnia. While this approach may be affective for some, if you are building up a tolerance smoking flower alone may not always be enough to aid with more persistent issues or ailments. Edibles and hash are both options to find more relief.

Edibles affect you on more of a full-body level instead of a lighter head high. So they are more sedative and more able to ease pain throughout the body and keep you sleeping throughout the night. Hash on the other hand may still feel like a “head high” but the strength is at least triple that of the strongest flower. So again the affect could be more sedation and better pain relief. If dabbing hash seems intimidating to first time users a great alternative is a hash pen. We primarily sell Cloud V’s which are user friendly, convenient, and reasonably priced. Don’t ever be afraid to try something new in the cannabis world!

The temperatures outside are really starting to heat up and after a rare full moon you may be feeling tensions in the air. The only things to do are drink water, take a deep breath, find AC, smoke some flowers, and appreciate the seasons and the ebbs and flows of this beautiful universe. Every season, every moment serves a unique purpose and our job is to learn to appreciate it all. Stay cool friends and have a great weekend.

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