Lush this Week: Summer Sun

Summer is finally in full swing after a dreary spring in Colorado. The summer months have always been my favorite when it comes to cannabis consumption! This month we are running great specials in both Rooster and Culture magazine. For the month of June we are selling $80 1/2 oz’s, $20/g of wax, and $25/g of shatter. We are also offering $700/oz’s of shatter to everyone and $650/oz. for members.

We are introducing a new strain to the mix this month, Star Dawg OG. It has already impressed the growers and should be on the shelves by next week. There is also a fairly large amount of White Cheese in stock, one of my new personal favorites. Despite not having any OG genetics, the White Cheese reminds me of our most popular strains OG Kush and LA Kush, in terms of its aroma and flavor. Because of this it has quickly placed itself on my list of top 5 favorite strains here at Lush.

Over the past couple months we have cycled through a number of concentrate companies and have been pleased with all of them. We currently have White Mousse, Craft, CBD, Nomad, and live resin from 710 Labs. In the next two weeks we are expecting a water hash drop from a new company CSC (Concentrate Supply Company). However, they are old friends from Trichome Heavy Extracts so we are excited to be working with them again.

We have over 10 flavors of concentrates in total and all look and taste fantastic. The majority are currently from Nomad. The blasters at Nomad prefer to use mixed gas when processing our material so our shatter currently is 70% butane and 30% propane. The end result is a stable, clear and tasty product. The new waves of innovation in the concentrate world are fascinating. It’s exciting to witness the evolution, every year the quality and variety of products improves. We must always remind ourselves how lucky we are to be in Colorado on the cutting edge of creation.

Stay cool friends and enjoy the beautiful weather. We hope to see you all soon.

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