Saving Sophie and the Power of CBD Oil

While recreational use of cannabis is rampant, it’s an important time to acknowledge the most profound ways in which cannabis heals people with very serious diagnoses. Most importantly is the way children benefit from the healing properties of cannabis. Children represent the future and a sense of innocence and trust that makes life worth living. So when a young soul is faced with the troubling news of illness even terminal illness, we may be willing to open up to new methods of treatments or entertain possibilities that have in the past deviated form the norm.

Luckily we are living at a time where the knowledge and understanding of the potential benefits of CBD and THC are becoming nearly commonplace. CannaKids is a wonderful organization out of California created to assist children with accessing, receiving and properly dosing CBD and THC oils. It is becoming widely accepted that cannabis oils have great medicinal value due to an alarming success rate in treating various conditions from epilepsy, to autism and cancer.

CannaKids was started by Tracey Ryan, her daughter Sophie was born in 2012 and at 8 1/2 months old was diagnosed with a low-grade, slow-growing Optic Pathway Glioma brain tumor. She was recommended a year long chemo regimen which was never intended to eliminate the tumor. Ryan claims on, “doctors told us if they saw even minimal shrinkage it would be considered a huge success.”

A few months after her diagnosis she began consuming concentrated CBD and THC oils. After a year of treatment her tumor was almost 90% gone. Important to note that she used the oils in conjunction with chemo therapy treatments. The recommendation is not cannabis alone to fight such severe disease but integration of cannabis into the other treatments being recommended by doctors.

The organization has two websites that can be accessed for a broad range of information. and While browsing it was immediately apparent that they are geared toward helping patients and making access as easy as possible. They are even willing to provide help to families that may not have the financial resources to keep up with the cost of cannabis oil.

Founder Tracey Ryan notes the hundreds of hours of research she endured to find the answers she was looking for. Because of her hard work and dedication parents who are now looking for answers can find it all on Information regarding the tremendous healing benefits of cannabis have until now been a mystery that needed to be unraveled. People like her are helping lead the way. Ryan was honored recently at the Cannabis Business Awards for her work with this organization.

The cannabis produced and sold by CannaKids is made by highly qualified scientists who “specialize in medical cannabinoid formation.” The oil produced by CannaKids is made through a CO2 extraction process. Many argue that carbon dioxide is the best extraction process. In the past 5 years extractions/concentrates have boomed in the cannabis market. This part of the industry is perhaps the most innovative due to the various forms and methods of extracting. It is something that is constantly evolving and we are continuing to learn about through experience in production and consumption.

Perhaps the reason extracts have become increasingly popular as well as the best avenue through which cannabinoids can provide healing is because they are the pure essence of the plant. Concentrates are the most raw, intense form of what cannabis has to offer. So CBD and THC oils provide the maximum benefit to the consumer. The success stories of the CannaKids are enough to at least give skeptics pause and consider the potential value in cannabis oils as a medical treatment.

Unfortunately, a Federal Register released on December 14, 2016 established a new drug code for “marihuana extract”. The claim is that no real changes are being made but the goal was to clarify and reaffirm the DEA’s position on all cannabis extracts including CBD oil. “Extracts of marihuana will continue to be treated as Schedule 1 controlled substances.”

The notice goes on to clarify that “all extracts that have been derived from any plant of the genus Cannabis and which contain cannabinols and cannabidiols.” This last statement is referring to hemp extractions. Much of the CBD oil sold nation wide is derived from hemp plants and was previously thought to be legal to sell across state lines. These oils help children in states where cannabis is not legal and with this most recent “clarification” we are left to wonder if cannabis oils will become less available to children and adults in need of them. This type of legislation or enforcement could greatly interfere with CBD oil companies.

In the last 10-15 years many strides forward have been made in marjuana progress. Legalization has provided people with the opportunity to explore and discover more about this ancient, healing plant. The success stories are becoming too many to count. The CannaKids are a reminder of this and they give you hope. On the other hand we are reminded that at any moment the federal government can intervene and make access more difficult for everyone.

Hopefully this will not be the case, eventually empirical evidence of the healing benefits of cannabis will be too strong to deny. Organizations like CannaKids are laying the groundwork for years to come. Personal testimonies from children who tend to express the truth, mixed with hard evidence and research, along with a product made specifically to help children in need is what Tracey Ryan and the CannaKids organization offer. Organizations like them and so many others are providing a great service to our communities by spreading the truth and providing help to people who have been waiting for a better healing alternative.

By Chanel Wing/THC Magazine February 2017

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