My name is John, I’ve been going to Lush since August 2012. I have extensive nerve damage. I’m missing a disc from the bottom of my spine and I’ve been declared disabled. I’m currently on pain medications and have to take about 19 pills a day. I have high blood pressure, gout and other problems. I also use marijuana to numb the stabbing pain I have in my lower back. Not only does it numb my pains, but also helps me to have an appetite. I also have stomach problems so this helps me to be hungry. I go to Lush for all my product and would recommend them to anyone and everyone. They are very courteous and knowledgeable. I walk in and they know me by name. If I have any questions they answer them. Their product is always top notch. Their trimmers know what they are doing, so that you get more product and less waste. Prices are very reasonable and most of the time they have some kind of deal going on. They also always have a good quantity. All in all, Lush is a great place for a great experience for your medical marijuana needs.

One week to my 58th Birthday. Other than a few brief periods I have smoked marijuana for 40+ years. For me, especially the past few years medical marijuana seems to ease the small pains of 26 years of carpet cleaning. Also for someone who has struggled with alcohol addiction, I feel marijuana has without a doubt helped me be alcohol free for the past 7+ years. Boy, 40 years of use, what a pot head. You could say that and I wouldn’t deny it. But there are responsible marijuana users. I lost my wife to lung cancer in 2000. I have raised my then 5 year old daughter by myself. To and from school and never missed a beat. Also got her confirmed in the Catholic Church. All the while running my own business. My daughter is now 18 and off to college. I saved all of her Mom’s social security and she has $100,000.00. Yea, I’ve expressed my wish to her to try and not experiment with drugs too much until she’s 21 and has a better bearing on life. Marijuana is not for everyone, but we as adults should have the option to make that decision. At Lush, it is a family run business, with great medicinal products, and they make you feel very at ease and welcome with every visit.

The reason I consistently choose Lush for my cannabis experience is quality. Knowledgeable staff and a friendly, confortable environment. Every time I go to Lush I am satisfied with the quality of medical cannabis they grow. The Lush staff is very knowledgeable about the different strains of cannabis they grow and their effects on patients. They are always happy to answer my questions on Sativa, Indica and their Hybrid strains. I trust in consulting with Lush on my alternative healing methods. The Lush Staff is always professional, friendly and will treat you like a part of their family.

Happy to be in Colorado! I lived in CA for nine years and have chronic arthritis in my back from an old injury. I began seeing a pain management specialist at about that time. I had many epidurals during that period. I also was taking Dilaudid, 4 mgms, 4 times a day. It didn’t really help that much and I always felt sick when I took them. I moved to Colorado about a year and a half ago. I called several places that I was referred to and was very discouraged when they told me what I had to go through to become certified for marijuana. I somehow, found myself in this wonderful place with these wonderful people that helped me get certified. I have been medicating for about a year now. I very rarely take a Percoset. A prescription will now last me for months. There have been times that I felt that I could barely walk and the staff at Colorado Wellness Centers (CWC) always made sure that somehow I received my medicine. I feel great relief and am thankful that I am now legal. My pain does not always just disappear, but I no longer feel as though I am obsessed with my pain. It is insane that it has taken so long to legalize something that works so well and does not damage your liver and/or do more harm than help. When I am in pain, I cannot do anything because the pain takes over my life. I now have my life back. I have the people at Colorado Wellness Centers (CWC) to thank for their knowledge and their dedication to their patients. I hope that someday soon it will be legal in all states and relieve some of the pain that so many people suffer from.